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Macintosh, UN*X, and even Windoze

We have begun signing much of our software with GPG. Our GPG public key can be found here.

Patch for ifstat (un*x util) to give an option to prevent constant scrollback

Patch for courier (un*x mailserver) to provide logging of which spamtrap address triggered a reject

Patch for wu-ftpd FTP server to allow tcp wrappers support in standalone daemon mode (-S switch)

The Exorcist

Freeware OpenSource (If you modify this code please notify me.)
The Exorcist will attempt to inoculate against the new "666" AKA "SevenDust", and "Graphics Accelerator" virus. Please note that it has not actually been tested with a live copy of the virus.

Everyone should use at least version 0.95b3 (use 0.95b5 if you have never used it before)
Not Everyone needs 0.95b5 If you know you ran version 0.95b3, and your extensions folder contains the locked files named "666" and "Graphics Accelerator" (each with a funny character in front of them) then you do not need this version. 0.95b5 has only minor changes. If you did not move The Exorcist or the "required" folder prior to running the program then you do not need this version. Please check for the presence of the files above before downloading. If you never ran version 0.95b3 then you need 0.95b5. (If you're lost just download it...)

Note: If you have previosly run Graphics Innoculator you will have a folder named "_Graphics Accelerator" in your extensions folder. The Exorcist does not (yet) handle this folder. (Someone just pointed this out.) You need to manually trash this folder before running The Exorcist. Note that if you have File Sharing on then you need to first select the folder and choose "Get Info" from the File menu ("Sharing" in System 7). Go to the Sharing panel. Here uncheck "Can't move, rename, or delete this item."

Version 0.95b5 may actually NOT be compatible with System versions older than 8.0. If you have an older system you CAN make it work, though. Open the script in Script Editor (either by drag and drop or by choosing open from the Script Editor's File menu) and and a space anywhere in the script. Then re-save the file in the same place. It seems that compiling the script under 7.5.5 makes it work in that system. This was how we tested this version. Unfortunately, we made changes to it after testing it and now it does not work...

New information from John Dalgliesh has helped us update The Exorcist. This new version creates two locked files with the possible names for the virus. One of the files has a special resource fork. This version will cleanup the extra files from v0.95b2. (They were not needed it seems.)

Please Read the ReadMe file.

Graphics Innoculator

(We know, it's spelled wrong...)

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