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Date Modified: Dec. 25, 2003


The Aardvark Shell Utils is a collection of 3 (currently) utilities designed to aid the user when working with shell scripts, or from the shell command line. All three accept their input on the command line, or from standard input, and thus they can be piped (|) with other commands. All commands come with their own man page.


The Aardvark Shell Utils collection includes the three utilities below:


Realpath is an implementation of the realpath(3) function for returning the canonicalized absolute pathname of an input path.

This lets you generate an absolute pathname with all symlinks resolved and all '.' and '..' characters removed. Many commands do not work well with relative paths or paths containing symlinks. Realpath(1) will let you cresolve these absolute paths. Since it can be used in a sequence of piped commands, as well as with a command line argument, realpath(1) is very friendly to both shell script authors and interactive shell users.

Please see the included manpage in the man/ dir for more info.

You will need a system with a realpath(3) function. (This is pretty standard ANSI C stuff.)

It is possible that your realpath(3) call will not return an absolute path in some circumstances (reports of Solaris behaving like this have surfaced).


Filebase returns the base portion of a filename, that is the filename with its extension (e.g. .txt) removed. It works by returning everything preceeding the last period in the input string. The period itself is not returned.


Fileext returns the extension portion of a filename (e.g. txt). It works by returning everything following the last period in the input string. The period itself is not returned.

Note: All command names are lowercase. Capitals are used above only for emphasis or English clarity.


Note: We have begun signing our software with our GPG public key, available from this secure server. MD5 sums are here.



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