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Current Version: 1.0.2 (1.0b2 for PcRock Beta)

Date Modified: Apr. 18, 1999 (Sept 7, 2000 for PcRock Beta) (MacXRock for OS X added Dec. 10, 2003)


MacRock is a 3D rock generator. It creates rocks of varying resolutions. MacRock exports to DXF ASCII file format, so the rocks can be imported by most 3D applications.



MacRock lets you specify a number of different settings to control the complexity, smoothness (or lack of), scale, and precision of the rocks it creates.

Currently, the interface is text based. But it is easy to use. We hope to add a GUI at some point as well as batch generation of multiple rocks.


This controls the resolution of the rock. The higher the complexity the greater the number of polygons and the greater size of the file.

Polygons generated by MacRock:

   Complexity           Polygons
       1                     80
       2                    320
       3                  1,280
       4                  5,120
       5                 20,480
       6                 81,920
       7                327,680
       8              1,310,720
       9              5,242,880
This is the random number seed MacRock will use to make the rock. If you use the same seed (and other settings) MacRock will make the same rock again and again. Use the "+" character to have MacRock pick a seed for you.
This is a floating point (decimal) number that controls how smooth or bumpy the rock is. A higher number makes a smoother (more round) rock. Start out around 0.7-1.2
Scale Up

This controls how large the final rock is. You may always scale the rock in your 3D app; however, sometimes it is difficult to work with a very large or very small object. The choices are:

    ScaleUp   Multiplier
       0 =          1
       1 =         10      10^1
       2 =        100      10^2
       3 =       1000      10^3
Decimal Digits
This is the number of digits after the decimal point in the DXF file. Note that more digits creates a bigger file. All digits to the left of the decimal are significant so if you use a Scale Up value greater than zero you need fewer decimal places.
A good staring point is 4 - Scale Up.



The rock routines were originally authored by Steven Pigeon. His website about "PovRockGen" is at

We added DXF export (instead of POV ray), Mac implementation, scaling, and variable precision to the game.


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