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How Do I Set Up SIMS as a Secondary Mail Server?

You need to first add an MX record in the DNS for the domain that will be using SIMS as the backup server. This MX record should have a lower priority (higher number) than your main mail server(s). This might look something like this:

IN	MX	10	;primary server
IN	MX	20	;SIMS backup server

The next step only needs to be performed if you have SIMS configured to "Relay for Clients Only" in the SMTP settings. (We highly recommend that you use this feature to prevent your server from being hijacked by spammers.) If you do have relaying restricted then you need to add the ip address of the primary mail server(s) to the client list. In the case above it would be the ip address of

If you are using version 1.8b3 or better you can use the superior method of simply adding a router entry like this:


...Where is the domain for which you are acting as a secondary. The first line prevents your local blacklist from affecting mail for You may or may not want to do this. The second line sets up the actual backup.

Note that if you use the 1.8b3+ method you do NOT need to edit your client list. This has the added benefit of choosing NOT to allow to send out mail through your server.

You're done.

How Do List Account Information for All My Accounts?

Download either the SIMS Full Lister or the SIMS Account Lister from (at the bottom of the page).

What Is This Strange Error I Keep Getting?

09:50:51 3 POP-070([]) Abort Received, reason=54 
09:50:51 3 POP-070([]) Reading Failed. Error Code=-25010. Read:

The problem is a (harmless) bug in the mail client being used to access SIMS. Emailer, Outlook Express, Cyberdog, and Mailsmith all demonstrate the problem. You can raise the log level to avoid these messages if you wish.

How Do I Get Communigate to Work With SIMS?

You need to enable Program Linking in the FileSharing (Sharing Setup pre-sys8) control panel on each machine. You must also allow at least one user (or guests) to link to shared programs. This is configured in the Users & Groups control panel.

You must also have AppleTalk active on both machines. Note that you can use the web interface to administer SIMS as well.

How Can I Set Up Temporary E-mail Forwarding for Clients on the Road?

When a user leaves on the road to forward their email to another account, use the following line in the router


When they return, put a semicolon ";" in front of the line to turn it into a comment. Next time they leave, just delete the semicolon. Works like a charm, and users really appreciate being able to get their email on the road.

Dan Knight, Mac Advocate,
webmaster, Low End Mac

Where Can I Find a Listing of the SIMS error codes?

Also, the errors codes are stored in the "errS" resource (use Resorcerer or ResEdit).

Stefan Jeglinski

I have a router entry of the form "<*> = ERROR", but SIMS is still accepting mail with a return-path of * Why?

The router entry by itself is not good enough. Make sure you have verify-return-paths turned on in the SMTP settings.

Stefan Jeglinski

I see a lot of "failed to verify" entries in the SIMS log. But I have verify-return-paths turned on. And SIMS is still accepting the mail. Why?

Verify-Return-Path operates on the reply-to (MAIL FROM) address. The "failed to verify" log entry refers to the HELO/EHLO argument that SIMS receives. SIMS does not reject mail based on the HELO/EHLO argument.

Stefan Jeglinski

I've just installed SIMS on my Mac server and the "OT: No address was specified" warning keeps showing up in the SMTP Monitor window in CommuniGator. When the warning is visible, SIMS fails to work as an SMTP server. Also, my SMTP log is full of lines that read " SMTP(tcp) Listener bind failed. Error Code=-3154". What's going on?

In all likelihood, you have another SMTP server installed on the same machine, such as LetterRip Pro or First Class. You cannot have 2 SMTP servers running on the same machine. You need to make SIMS your main SMTP server and set your other servers to retreive their mail through SIMS's e-mail accounts. For example, if you have '' and '' accounts in LetterRip Pro, you need to create a '' account and a '' account in SIMS and then set LetterRip to use those POP accounts instead of acting as an SMTP server itself.

Pierre Igot

Is there a searchable archive of the SIMS mailing list?


Stefan Jeglinski


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