Welcome to the EIAS FAQ

I have compiled this FAQ to help other animators use EIAS effectively and to further animation on the Macintosh.

If you don't know what EIAS is, check out Electric Image.

Much of the information was scavenged from the wonderful EIAS Mailing List.

The searchable FAQ is back online. I will be making improvements as we go, but wanted to get it out there for users to add items to.


Use the: Searchable FAQ

Download the new Sherlock Plug-in here.

The Sherlock Plug-in will let you search the FAQ from within Sherlock! (requires Sys 8.5)

If you would like to contribute to the FAQ please click here.

The FAQ is in need of contributions, not matter how mundane. If it took you an hour to figure something out share it with us. Together we can save each other time, and money.

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